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suze. >> well that's a wrap for tonight in washington. all quiet at the capitol. on-again off-again vote on speaker boehner debt reduction plan guess what? is off again. good evening. republican debt deal has stalled in the house again.
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after several attempts to yet his colleague in line and several votes scheduled then rescheduled. john boehner pulled the plug ultimately and called ate night 90 minutes ag ago. now appears he does not have enough support from his own party to get his plan passed. count down to crisis clock is set to reach zero on never said it was perfect nobody in my caucus believes it's perfect. but what this bill reflects is severe honest effort to end this crisis. >>reporter: some tea party like bachmann did not go along. >> i can not. i'm committed to not raising the debt ceiling. >>reporter: after hours of delays while boehner sought to round up vote members of congress still could not resolve the issue. measure never had a chance in the senate. all 53 democrat sipe a
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letter to boehner saying they would vote begins. >> keep can can not get the short-term band-aid vote in the house today. will not get one democratic vote in the senate. >>reporter: democrat back a rival bill by reid bill. it would raise the debt limit through 2013 after the next election. republicans complain it is full of accounting gimmick. >> they intend to vote against the only piece of legislation that has any chance of preventing all this from happening. >>reporter: with no clear path to get the deal done the white house is frustrated. >> what we need to do is get beyond voting on dead on arrival measures that don't become law when we have so few day left to reach a compromise. >> some democrat urge a novel solution saying president obama should simply leave congress entirely out of it and raise the debt caeling himself by invoking the 14th amendment. which guarantees the u.s. government will pay its debt. this is abc news, washington. >> and the titan of the
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corporate world warning of the economic fall out from all of this. bank of america and j p morgan chase and goldman sachs says quote the default on our nation obligations or downgrade of america credit rating will be a tremendous blow to business and investor confidence. sarah palin took to facebook urging freshmen to remember us little people as the debt debate wears on. >> and while lawmakers ballots it out there ace secret scramble behind the scenes at the white house coming up with a financial dooms dayth plan if the deadline passes with no deal in place. here's jake tap with the desperate down to the wire decision. >> next door to the white house on third floor conference room at the treasury department secretary geithner and dozen others preparing secret plan for dooms day. for months they have been planning a world where congress has destructed the federal government to continue to pay the bills but as of next tuesday has not
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given it a way to pay them. >> what happens then is that we know longer have the ability to borrow money. tax revenue will continue to flow into the treasury but not nearly enough. 178 billion dollars in august to cover 308 billion dollars worth of bills. tough choice have to be made. who gets pa who gets paid. who does not. we learned a top priority will be paying the interest on the existing debt. that's at least 38 billion dollars this month so that the u.s. government does not for the first time in its default perhaps causing market to plummet. that leaves the government roughly 140 billion dollars to pay for such critical items as medicare. medicaid. payments to u.s. traps. 130 billion dollars short. >> we assume the debt rae lateed built have to be paid. no question. you have to make the mortgage payment. everything else you have 50 cents to pay a dollar worth of bills. >> powell former under secretary of the treasury for finance under george w. bush has been explaining to members of congress what this scenario might mean.
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>> if you decide for example to make all the safety net payments we stand up for the elderly, sick, the poor and the disable. make all the payment payments. what is left unpaid is the entire dovs department. not a dollar. active duty military pay not a dollar. >>reporter: executives of the 20 largest bank will have an opportunity to ask about dooms day when they meet with treasury department officials later in the day on friday at the federal reserve bank in new york. if this is the white house. >> on to other news tonight. important new development major development in fact in the shooting death of man san francisco police were chasing. investigators have recovered the gun which killed seattle parole violent or kenneth harding junior in the bay view district two weeks ago. here's a good look at the gun. as vick lee explains a tip from the public helped this case. today at noon a group demonstrated outside city hall to protest kenneth harding death. many of those here
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still believe he did not shoot himself despite the ballistic test results. >> we have to do our own independent investigation because we don't trust all of the, all the false allegations i believe that some of the police if did putting up the gun. >>reporter: police say they found the gun. 380 semi-automatic pistol. police chief greg says a bay view resident told police where the gun was. >> as of saturday we received information that we had the gu gun. we actually worked through investigation to contact the person, knew the whereabouts and able to get it back. >>reporter: the blurred image on the right side of the cell phone video taken at the crime scene appears to be that gun. police say someone picked up the weapon from the crime scen scene. weapon police recovered from a parolee home several days later turned out to be the wrong gun. now he says there is no doubt they have right on one. >> now we are very happy that
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it tested about aliscly positive to match the round that was retrieved from mr. mr. harding. >> 19-year-old seattle resident was killed july 16th after police said he fired on officers who were in the bay view checking out muni fare evaders. he was a person of interest in a seattle murder. last week investigators made this surprising announcement after getting ballistic test results on the fatal bullet. >> we believe tl that fatal wound on mr. harding's body was self inflicted. >>reporter: police believe harding accidentally shot himself in the head after he suffered a gunshot wound to the leg during the shoot out with officers. there are 4 separate investigations going on in this case. the gun was the missing link. so obviously the recovery of this gun will enhance the process. this is abc 7 news. man faking an emergency was arrested on kidnapping charges tonight. police say fell forced his way into a woman car
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in novato after yelling about pregnant woman going in labor. woman drove to a bus stop. stopped the car and began screaming. suspect ran away and was arrested short time later. police believe the same man may have tried to flag down other drivers before he was captured tonight. prop guard at san quentin will likely find himself on the other side of the bars. police say daniel duffy this man threatened drugstore clerk in lodi with a gun demanding oxycontrin tichbility after he ran off the clerk called the cops, he recognized duffy by name. duffy was later arreste arrested. appalling story we first told you about last night. tonight has a tragic ending. good samaritan shot in the head while feeingd the homeless with his family in east oakland has died. as cecelia explains authorities dumbfounded at the senseless act. >>reporter: those with the least to give left behind what little they have to remember the man they knew as brother
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john. at the place where he was shot a simple memorial and profound question from his the last man brother john ever helped. fichlt how weird this world is becoming. your life is worth nothing no more. nothing out here. shoot somebody for the heck of it because they want to? not right. >>reporter: out here where he delivered food during what he called midnight outreach with his wife and 2 young daughters he is simply brother john. his real name is if paris powell and just 29 years old. but late last night brother john was taken off life support at high land hospital and pronounced dead. less than 24 hours after he was shot in the head while serving fish dinner from the back of his van. >> last person he talked to. last one. on everything. >>reporter: brother john pregnant wife was grazed by a bull lechlt one of the
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daughters shot in the arm. investigators still do not have a motive for a crime that has left the police chief and mayor outraged. >> i'm personally hoping it was mistaken identity this kind of random violence is just not acceptable. >> i want to give a message. the message want to give is that local police department is coming. >>reporter: for the man left with so many questions, he has an answer for who keep asking. what did he do with the last meal from brother john? >> i ate it. pl gave his life to bring me the food. how could i disrespect him by not eating. >> we don't know very much about who brother john really was. we know that he had been feeding the homeless out in east oakland for more than a year. we also know that he ran a non-profit here in oakland that helped the homeless and victims of domestic violence. there ace 25,000 dollar reward for an arrest in this case. reporting in east oakland, abc 7 news. >> oakland police meanwhile are
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getting much-needed help tonight. thanks to the generosity of a home up to corporation. clorox company today donated 50,000 dollars to the police department for 30 new tough book lap top for police vehicle, motorcycle, squad cars, mayor kwan says it was a top request among oakland street cops. >> the police officers today used the notebook to check on data. to look at gps information. quickly run identification checks on people it's really their no. 1 tool. >>reporter: the city needs another half million dollars to the outfit the rest of the police department fleet. mayor kwan is hoping that other local corporations will join clorox in helping oakland reach that goal. more to get to you this thursday night. is the f o hero who came to the aid of a pilot attacked by 2 passengers. >> pg&e digs up underground gas pipeline. search for what
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triggered the san bruno explosion. neighborhood very much still in recovery. >> mother nature serving up weather sure to please even. i'm sandy and i have your summer micro climate coming up. i have. >> mountain lion that moved in a little too close for a central california homeowner. what ended up scaring him away. >> scientist lacking for this for a long time. proof tonight that the moon is not the only hunk of space rock traveling with our planet. stay with us. hunk of space rock traveling with our planet. stay with us. news at 9:00 conti
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>> bay area passengers helped a pilot that was attacked by 2 brothers. they appeared in a miami courtroom to face the
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charges against them before take off witnesses say they jumped the pilot and started beating him. as amy reports when the plane landed here at sfo we heard the stories of how local passengers rushed in to help. >>reporter: witnesses say these 2 brothers jonathan and luis had been acting like they were drunk or drugged and as they were being told to leave the plane at the gate in miami, passengers say the brothers turned on the pilot. >> the guy that was ill just walked right up to the captain and he just went barack obama and just slapped him really hard and the captain was stunned and so was everybody on the plane. >>reporter: police say luis told the pilot when you fly to san juan i will have you kille killed. according to the arrest affidavit the pilot vision was blurry from the punch and investigators say he possibly has permanent damage to his left eye. but he continued to follow the men off the plane. to make sure they exited properly. inside the
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airport police say the men jumped the pilot. >> the captain had his whole side of his face is bruised and bloody and they got ice and tried to the ice it down but those 2 guy his him down on the ground. i mean, they were beating the crap out of him. >> that's when the passengers decided to get involved. >> 3 or 4 of us went out there and tackled the guy and 2 of them tackled them. i guess the pilot ended up with some contusions on his face and so we just did what we needed to do to help out. >>reporter: one man took pictures of the passengers holding down the suspect inside the airport. witnesses say it took about 10 minutes before police came and arrested them. some of the 178 passengers on board are calling the men who held down the suspect heroes. they shake off the praise. >> it was just natural. no big deal. just doing my duty that's all. >>reporter: the flight eventually did make it here to sfo but without the pilot. he
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is resting back in florida. the 2 men who were arrested face federal charges of assault and battery. is the sfo abc 7 news. >> federal appeals court today upheld oakland so-called bubble law which prevents protestors from getting within 8 feet of abortion clinics. same time the court also ordered the city to revise the policy of policing those protestors. court found that oakland made a mistake when it let supporters offer words of encouragement to women entering the clinic but banned an opponent who was trying to prevent patients from having abortions. measure that would have made male sirj siltion legal in san francisco stricken today from the november ballot. superior court judge ruled that state law bars municipality from banning recognized medical procedures. she finalize her ruling after last minute arguments today by an attorney for the people behind the ballot measure who say they may appeal. big surprise for one family in a bass lake area in madera
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county. surveillance camera outside the home captured mountain lion walking up the driveway and big one too. the family inside when they notice the motion sensor light outside had flipped on. they checked the surveillance camera and saw the full grown cat right outside. they went to the window but the animal quickly ran away. they alerted their neighbors and police but no other sightings have been reported. beautiful animal but a little too close for comfort. i would suspect. >> let's turn to the forecast as we inch toward the weekend. spencer off tonight. sandy is here. >> it is your kind of weather. already starting to work on your color a little bit. >> tanning. not too much. >> just a slight bit. we have great tanning weather as we head into the weekend. >> all right. >> he keeps getting color. >> very impressive. >> we are impressed dan. show you live picture. at least inland you get some color. al the coast there isn't whole lot of sun these days. you look at
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the high definition emeryville camera back to the bay bridge there. visibility is just fine but we do vm fog around. places like half mp bay right now reporting visibility down to 5 miles and foggy. it was foggy on the coast. look at the numbers. in the mid 60's very pleasant but not quite where you should be for this time of year. san francisco should be in the upper 60's. it did get up to 69 in oakland. 79 in nap a.santa rosa. if you wanted warm weather you had to head inland. that's where we saw warm summertime weather with low 90's for concord. fairfield. livermore. these twrems down a few degrees today. 82 in san jose. 90 degrees in morgan hill. current readings still on the warm side inland areas in the 70's and 80's at least in the inland east bay. see many 50's and 60's across the rest of the bay area. fog near the coast and bay tonight. warmer inland tomorrow. and we look at mild to warm conditions for the weekend. so if you have any out door plans it its going to
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be beautiful. here's look at the water vapor imagery. we have upper level high over the desert south west. hot air mass and that has been just shifting west ward enough to where we are feeling a little bit of the heat. we are not getting excessive heat here in the bay area. so our warm days will tip inland but with this upper level high situated where it is we are going to see that monsoon moisture swerve up towards the sierra nevada so if you have travel plans this wea wean, keep in mind that isolated thunderstorms may develop from take oh, to yosemite tomorrow. certainly scattered showers and thunderstorms for the weekend for saturday and sunday. so it will impact your plans if they are out doors for the weekend. overnight tonight temperatures in the 50's. except antioch at 60. fog near the beach and also locally inland. already starting to see a little bit of the fog in our bay side area. tomorrow afternoon in the low upper 80's in the south bay with the occasional high cloud clouds. 83 in san jose. 82 for sunnyvale, santa clara, 86
9:21 pm
in saratoga. nice looking day on the peninsula. mild readings. 73 in millbrae. 91 for palo alto. mountain view. right near the coast if you like it foggy don't want it to be too hot, perfect place for you to go. 62 degrees in pacifica. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. so coming up just a little bit. 63 in the sun set district and as you look at the north bay we have 90 for clover dale. ukiah 98 degrees. 82 in santa rosa. east bay in the 70's to low 80's. 72 in oakland. head inland and it is going to be a warm summer day. 94 antioch. 93 livermore. around the monterey bay 68 degrees in monterey. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 30 degree spread from coast to inland the next two days. it's our summer micro climate then we see a little bit of cooling on sunday. but really in a holding pattern beyond that low to mid 60's coast side. low 90's inland. summertime weather typical weather that we
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are expecting here in the bay area. >> lovely indeed. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much. >> well more to come tonight. smart phone app designed by 10-year-old. now there's a camp for that. call it the summer of the smash and grab. robbers walk away with a bundle even though the jewelry is fake. >> and carnage. what could be the world most expensive car accident. stay with us. news the world most expensive car accident. stay with us. news at 9:00 continues
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is skooetionz s.
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>> without having the red block fall off the platform. >> he and the classmates are in the deep stages now. >> there is i have to fix that. >>reporter: but not without some help of course from instructor aladdin who is teaching them the trick of the trade and the kid are teaching him a few things too. >> they are coming out with very original ideas. story driven characters. more script and more about the content and less about just basic shoot them up beat them up type of game. real original. >>reporter: some kids have been to tech camp before but none experienced this twist. at the end of the week they don't take the app home. they publish them. >> are you going to put it on the app store. >> yes. >>reporter: how many done load do you think you can get for your game. >> i'm hoping to get, i know i'll get more than 300. >> everyone has an i-phone and then if you say you have an app like no way. then down load i it. >>reporter: extra thrill that made app camper out of these kids. >> excitement that they eex
9:27 pm
ehud and go ahead and take the break no i want to work on my game. >>reporter: just maybe giving them an appetite for more. >> what do you want to be when you grow up. >> i have no idea but if it's with this i would be happy. >>reporter: at stanford, abc 7 news. >> when we continues here tonight. it is the best selling pain reliever out ther there. new information though about how much tylenol you should take. >> long time on vacation or partying or something like tha that, long time in the water. >> sure is. fight of his life. pilot crashes his plane in the water and somehow manages to stay afloat for most of the da water and somehow manages to stay afloat for most of the da day. >> and the western frontier meets the final frontier. on the aisle another half hour of news begins here in just a the aisle another half hour of news begins here in just a moment
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>> good evening once again. we start the half hour with a lack at the headlines we are following for you tonight. after several attempts house republican postpone indefinitely a vote on a debt limit bill by speaker barren. simply not enough support for the bill. >> police this san francisco recovered the gun they say belonged to ken evident hardin harding, 19-year-old washington state homicide suspect harding shot himself to death accidentally during confrontation with police in the city bay view district two two weeks ago. >> prosecutors in florida have filed felony battery and assaultrórp)ges against brothers luis and jonathan pwooiz they punched an american air lanes pilot last night after being ordered off the sfo bound plate from miami. witnesses say the brothers appeared drunk or perhaps drugged. head lanes. >> now to a seismic change coming to the staple of
9:31 pm
american medicine cabinet. extra strength tylenol. word tonight that the maximum recommended daily dose business to be lowered. why and by how much? here's andrea. >>reporter: it is a big reversal. johnson and johnson changing its recommendation for how many extra strength tylenol you should take in a day. no longer take 8 pills a day. they say by the fall the company will roll out new guidelines saying take no more than 6 pills a day. why the change? fear of dangerous over doses. the key ingredient in tylenol is acetaminophen and ingredient in over 600 other medication you might be taking lakeal ka, nyquil or sued fed in some cases people are mixing these medications and unknowingly over dozing on aacetaminophen. >> kill people in large dose so trying to reduce the dose people use is very wise. >>reporter: acetaminophen over dose is the leading cause of liver failure in the u.s.
9:32 pm
sending 56,000 americans to the hospital each year. about 4 50 die as direct result. if she took tylenol several times a day for a decade for relief from migraine saying she always kept to the recommended dose. her liver suddenly failed. >> medication if which made me if feel better and take away my headache or any other pain could make me so sick. just couldn't make sense to me. >>reporter: johnson and johnson made the call today on its own to try and protect consumers. 2 years ago a panel of experts recommended that the fda lower the level of acetaminophen in every medication on the market. they haven't acted on that advice. so beginning this fall lack for the extra strength tylenol packages recommending you take less. and starting in january regular tylenol will as well. doctors say people looking to control the pain should heed the advice now. 6 extra strength tylenol a day, not 8.
9:33 pm
this is los angeles abc news. >> saved by a sock. dramatic story of survival tonight. pilot who treaded washingtons for 18 hours after his plane crashed in michigan is recounting that incredible experience. new york pilot michael trap crashed into lake huron tuesday night. he shed his pants and shoes to stay afloat trying to flag down boa boats as they passed by bun 1 could hear his cry for help. he was finally able to flag down a boat after 18 hours of swimming and treading water. >> i pulled my sock off waved my sock like that. waving my sock at the boat going by and by the grace of god they slowed down. i about started crying when they slowed down. my god, yes. thank you thank you. >>reporter: trap says he just went in survival mode and glad he simply was says he simply was not ready to die. doctors say trap is suffering from extreme muscle exhaustion you can imagine treading water for 18 hours. as soon as that is under control he will be
9:34 pm
released from the hospital. in san jose a 6-year-old girl and her father can thank 2 hero for being alive tonight. girl and her dad were rescued from the bottom of a swimming pool. david lou explains what happened. >>reporter: it was just starting to turn dark when neighbors near the pool heard a woman screaming two guest of resident 44-year-old father and 6-year-old daughter were lying at the bottom of the pool. jeffrey bail high school teacher had to scale a 7 foot high fence to get to them. >> i scaled the fence and the mother of the girl if said she didn't know cpr so i took over and within a minute or so she was coughing up and we turned our attention to the man so kind of scary moment. >>reporter: no one knows what happened. the girl's mother and several others were in a nearby hot tub but had their back turned to the pool. >> the girl was on the shoulde shoulder. he was kind of giving her do feel ride to the girl and when i talked to the
9:35 pm
girl who brought them in she said he swims pretty well but not an slept swim i are. >>reporter: they were treat and rae leased at valley medical center and now at home. fire officialsay there's another hero. resident who dived in and brought up the two victims. but he's not willing to be the identified. >> reluctant hero just said i didn't feel comfortable. i'm just very, very happy that my friend and his daughter are safe at home and that i was able to help them out the techlt said maybe in the next few days he would feel comfortable to the media but not in his nature to do that. >> the victims don't want to be identified or enter vawd. rescuers said instinct kicked in when critical. >> in a situation like that you don't know what to do so you just kind of try to let everything take over and fortunately i had the training enough times and i felt if it was kind of second nature. >>reporter: well that kind of quick action and instinct did pay off but the homeowner association says it will lack into providing cpr classes for all the residents who live
9:36 pm
around the pool as safety measure for the future. in san jose, david louie 7 news. 2 suspects are still in custody tonight after evading police for nearly 2 hours last night. authorities chased them from newark in the east bay to lathe respect in san joaquin county thinking they were suspects wanted in connection with 2 murder in east palo alt alto. well it turns out they were not the right people but the car they were driving does belong to one of the murder suspects authorities are looking for. the chase ended when officers put down spike strips and flattened the car tires. no word so far on why the 2 men were driving that car or what their connection might be to the murders. another smash and grab robbery caught on tape in los angeles. 3 men rushed into a jewelry store pepper spray the owner smashed the display cases and then left with more than 7000 dollars in costume jewelr jewelry. this is the eighth robbery this month on the same
9:37 pm
street as this scul ri store. there have been more in other parts of the city. investigators say they saw a similar pattern of robbery last summer. they say the rising price of gold may be the prime motivation for these crimes. but bold indeed. search for clue continue today in san bruno where pg&e is digging up a section of pipe abandoned since the mid 1950s. at one time it was part of that line that exploded last september with such disaster consequences. heather has the latest on the story from san bruno. >>reporter: pg&e digging up a section of pipe in the ground since 1948. unused since 1956. that is when line 1 that was rae routed a bit to accommodate the new housing development. c p uc wants to take a look at pipe from the original line 1 32 as part of its investigation into the explosion along a segment of the replacement pip pipe. 8 foot section will be cut out on glen view just north
9:38 pm
of clairemont and handed over to the c p uc. there will be another excavation point 250 feet south west just feet from the rupture site at glen view and earl. this is so a camera can inspect the inside of the entire length of abandoned pip pipe. >> basically put the camera in one end and 7 it at the other end. >>reporter: ntsb says the september rupture started on one of multiple poorly done wells. so pg&e record had shown a seamless 30 inch steel pipe. ntsb is expected to issue its are roo report on the probable cause in about a month. the explosion and resulting fire killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. bob peligrini house was one of the them. now it is well on the way to being rebuilt. >> good to see all the houses that are going up. i heard there is like 5 more him if close to getting the permit pull. item just nice to get the neighborhood kind of back to somewhat normal.
9:39 pm
>>reporter: he's anxious to know what the committee discover in the investigation. >> it's been a real draining experience. like something i am not, you know, never thought i would have to take on but that's how life is. it happen happens. the problem is that i think it could have been avoided. i wish this never happened. >>reporter: pg&e excavation expected to be completed by friday evening. this is abc 7 news. the asteroid in our orbit coming up why we couldn't see it until now and why it could play a critical role in nasa future. >> plus the russian plan for a final splash down for the international space final splash down for the international space station.i'll be back
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9:42 pm
>> this massive land slide wiped out a village killing a dozen people in korea and the ministry is saying a number of land mine planted in the 19 sdhais have never been accounted for. 3 day office rain cripple the south korean capitol 12 inches fell yesterday alone and the storm related death toll now stands at 57. russia has announced international space station could be headed for a water grave at the end of the decade. nasa says not so fast. russia
9:43 pm
space agency planned to crash the station into the pacific ocean after the mission ends in 2020. but nasa responded today saying it is in talk to extend the life of the station through the year 2028. mean time astronomer discover our planet first so-called trojan asteroid. they are object that share and/or bit but don't collide. this asteroid is partially tether to earth by gravitation leash. think of it that way. most trojan asteroid are clustered near mars. this is video of how the orbit changes over time. scientist figure that we had to have some but they could never find them until now. they tend to be overhead mostly during broader daylight as invisible as the stars. but high tech satellite spotted it and researchers were able to track it. so whether is the big deal about this. if there is one there could be others. and that opens the new possibility for space exploration. apparently you can land on an asteroid without much difficulty. relatively
9:44 pm
speaking. they are easier to get to know the moon even if they are farther away. well, from asteroid to cowboy and alien. theater tomorrow as you probably know the movie starts harrison ford and daniel craig in one of the most anticipated blockbuster of the summer season. but is it worth all the hype. here's arts entertainment reporter don sanchez on the aisle. if. >>reporter: wow! shade of butch cast dichlt old west 187 1875. grumpy harrison fox sports world rules the town with an iron fist. then daniel craig shows up. >> i need to know where you came from. >> so do i. >>reporter: he has repressed memory from the past. one tough guy, though. >> i don't want any trouble. >>reporter: right clint, daniel. just as you think this film is a derivative conventional western. wow!
9:45 pm
about. pl alien arrive and they mean business. about sophisticated weaponry they are after us. like a round up they rope people off the horse to reel them in. >> what about the other people are they alive? >> they won't be for long. >>reporter: that is olivia who knows more than she is letting on. stunning. great eyes. >> she's the only one who knows who i am. >>reporter: that haunted past thing again. dialogue isn't going to win a pulitzer but after all this boils did you know to last chance team effort against a force that seems unbeatable. about this has just about every kind of film genre to imagine. could you by and indian and alien. horse.
9:46 pm
science fiction slimey green monster and great special effect from ilm. parts of it are silly and too long. some of it doesn't work but still a rip roaring good time and i give it almost 3 quarters of a bucket. abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> will indeed don thank you. >> in monaco even the car crashes are stylish. coming up next. parade of some of the world most expensive cars turns into a demolition derby. stay world most expensive cars turns into a demolition derby. stay with us [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney.
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and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. >> cisco systems wants to and its expansion plans in north san jose according to the silicon valley business journa journal. cisco largest employer wants out of an agreement to develop more than 1 million square feet in north san jose. company developed about a third of the site but never moved in. city council will vote on the request next week. the fruit dale station apartment community is apparently ready to expand. developers say they are ready to start phase 2 now that the economy has turned around. next step will add 80 rental unit to the tight san jose rental market. >> is israeli company that creates messaging icon for smart phones is lacking for an office in mount view. they have created millions of icon and has about 4 million i don't know users. more on these headlines in tomorrow's print
9:50 pm
edition of the silicon valley business journal. all right. one last time this hour let's go back to sandy to update the forecast. >> it's going to be a little bit warmer inland tomorrow the looking at low to mid 90's. 94 in antioch. 90 for livermore. fair field concord up to 91 degrees. morgan hill 93. san jose fremont palo alto all in the low 80's. same story for napa santa rosa. right near the bay in the 70's and along the coast line the fog will hold your temperatures in the mid 60's. occasional high clouds next come el of days. certainly warm summer weather away from the beaches then we see slight drop in temperatures on sunday but when i say slight i mean slight. just minor day-to-day changes. seasonable weather over the next 7 days. >> excellent. thanks very muc much. >> well now to what is being called the million dollar fender better than. it involves 5 cars bentley, as ton martin, more she, mercedes, ferrari any monte carlo when 3
9:51 pm
women hit a mercedes-benz then the bentley swerved and clipped an as ton martin add to that a ferrari and porsche 911 parked in the wrong plates at the wrong time. and this with is what you get. do the math. bentley 370,000 dollars. mercedes additional 111,000. the as ton martin and ferrari each about 207,000 dollars a throw and the porsche 118,000 dollars so in just minutes, just more than 1 million dollars worth of cars were damaged. upside to all of this the cost of repair is apparently 60,000 dollars. but again, in monte carlo even car crashes are stylish. >> how would you like to be the insurance agent on that one. >> yes. >> having hard time working up a lot of empathy for the people in those vehicles. >> now now. >> i know i know i know. sorr sorry. but fetch the rich have problems. >> i know they do. i mean we
9:52 pm
do carlos beltran bay debut as giants and they make a statement in the phillies. 49 ers not the first practice yet and michael crabtree is hurt. sports next. and michael crabtree is hurt. sports next. >> oh, 
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
jew coming up at refuse:00. comparing the bottom line. how apple computer appears to have more money than the federal government tonight. think about that for a moment. >> youth program ripped off. what burglars took from a south bay park. those stories and more for you come up in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on
9:55 pm
channel 7. mr. beall is here with all the sports. big news for the giants. >> thinks a bold step. didn't really show much tonight but carlos beltran the outfielder has join the giants sick time all star acquire in a trade with the mets. held news conference before tonight game in philadelphia. and beltran thoughs his hot bat is something the giants desperately need. >> i'm happy to be here. enjoy my time. i'm glad to be part of the team we already have something going for them. >> we lost to really good hitters and to have one of the elite players of the game in offensive players made sense for us and it's a great fit. >> giants phillies series finale beltran bast third playing right field. sandoval klein and cleaning up nicely.
9:56 pm
on kyle. deep to left and tim after about with the flu back on the mound and dealing. gets chase dudley right there. struck out 6 in 6 scoreless frames. 2 strike out but making presence felt with a sliding catch. in right on fly ball by rawlings. knee brace caught there and looked ugly but he's okay. giants were flashing the leather. phillies not. grounder to third. thrown away by martin esz t.chris. racing home and safe. giants win 4-1 and take 2 out of 3. from possible play off pre-view. a for the sweep against the ray. wondering what has gotten into the offense. 13 run last night. came out slugging this afternoon. 1st inning david with triple to the corner. 2 runs in. 3 zip a just lake that. not done. very next batter. jackson. golfs one out. a's use 4 straight
9:57 pm
batters and hit for the cycle in the first ick. up 5 nothing in a flash and they lose. solid for 6th bullpen implode so jennings base hit part of 7 run 7. 2 runs come in. stanford come back and win 1 10-8. on to football. raiders held the first practice in padres this afternoon in napa and head coach jackson not all that thrilled. right out of the gate rookie out of penn state. team second round pick working with the first unit today xwpd to start. now this is jackson first training camp as head coach of the raiders. not happy with the pace of the first practice. and he placed the blame on himself. >> i told them i apologize we aren't going fast enough. i'm being honest ask the guy i let them counsel day. coach jackson mentality come out and work hard play hard and that's what we have to do day in and day out. body sore. and we have short time frame to get
9:58 pm
ready but everyone is doing it around the league. take pride in what we did and do it hard. >>reporter: hot pursuit of walk continues. jets 49 ers and texans all reportedly trying to sign him. texan they landed january thon joseph today. so they could be out of the mix but wherever he goes he gets paid probably something in the neighborhood of 12 to 14 million bucks. 49 ers have a a vacancy at corner because they cut nate today that clears more than 15 million dollars in cap space. clemens never lived up to the hype in eight year, 80 million dollar deal that he signed in 2007. at the time he was the highest paid defensive player in nfl history. niners fans remember this play from him. late fumble that cost them a win final minute in atlanta last yaevrment he moves on. one thing everybody agreed upon regarding the lock out we will see tons of injuries in camp because guys out of shape. crabtree out 4 to 6 week with a foot injury that apparently
9:59 pm
was sustained back in june during the player work out. looks like the joe era is over. 49 ers are signing pro bowl kicker david acres who spent a patriots made the biggest head lane though. first they got defensive line man haines worth and chad as well from the bengals. pats sending a kim draft pick to pick up chad. very quick feet with the denies move. and moves on to the patriots and head coach belichick. interesting mix of personalities. very different. >> with randy and chad. >> lord of the dance. >> yes. >> belichick very serious guy. different. that's this edition of the news. for all of us hear, thanks for watching. appreciate your time. hope to see you again in one hour over on the big 7. goodbye for now

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